My work explores ideas of class, race, ownership, value, cultural identification and faith. In "What I Keep, Portraits & Choices", I collaborate with members of The Church Under the Bridge in Waco, Texas, an non-denominational, multi-cultural Christian church that has been meeting under the 5th Street Interstate-35 overpass for seventeen years. Many of the members of the church have had significant disruptions in their lives, experienced periods of homelessness or incarceration, addiction to drugs and alcohol, profound poverty, hopelessness, or just made bad decisions. Many are working toward a new measure of stability and accomplishment. I ask each person what he or she keeps and why it is valued.

"What I Keep" is collaborative project in its the fourth year (2007–2011) and has produced over 60 portraits, made on Sunday mornings. The work is a series of life-size images with brief personal statements by, and about, each person's choice. The work contains 22 prints, 32" x 46" and is available for exhibition.

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Solo Shows: Group Shows:
Duke University East Carolina University
Beijing Studio Canter Murray State University
Christopher Newport University Wichita Falls Museum of Art
Penn State University Center for Fine Art Photography
Guilford College Louisiana Purchase, LA Tech
The 930 Gallery Baylor University
The Croft Gallery, is an extensive, ongoing project that asks what would, or should, be saved? Curators choose objects, paring down the number of items to fit within my small vitrine,
12" x 12" x 15". Many of the archived items are important or cherished because of their association with memory and spirituality, others with ritual. Some objects are chosen to define an individual or event, some are a collection acquired over years. The objects are arranged in the vitrine, accessioned and photographed and then returned to the curator. The words of the curators about their choices are an important part of the work. This museum has no physical space or place and exists only in the virtual world.

Susan Mullally
Assistant Professor of Art
Baylor University • Waco, Texas