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What I Keep

Portraits & Statements

Rev. Brenda Bell
Security Service and Janitorial Landscaping
Candidate for Mayor of Waco, 2008
Self-employed since 1975
Formerly Homeless


4700 Fort Avenue #18. I’ve lived there one year as of April 13, 2008. I was living at the William Booth Apartments approximately 5 years. The reason I became homeless – the executive director asked me if I smoked marijuana and I said yes and she said, ‘well, you can’t stay here’ and she made me leave. She made me leave for telling the truth.


They sold my stuff and I was arrested when I tried to get my stuff so I spent 60 days in the county prison. All I have is a brass lamp and I can’t bring that. I have a crucifix; I’ll bring that for the picture. That’s all I have from before. I had beautiful furniture and things and they sold it all. I don’t have any of it and it was beautiful stuff, you know?


For 90 days my SSI check went back to Kansas so I was living on the streets, at Brother’s Keeper and at the Meyers Center. I’m from Chicago, I moved here in 2000.


This is the crucifix I told you I keep. It's been blessed.