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What I Keep

Portraits & Statements

Nick Fox
Former Inmate


These tattoos, they have meaning. I put them on at one of the low points of my life when I was in County Jail. I had really messed up my life; I was in a room full of people and found myself all alone.


This one (right hand) was to remind me that there would always be people out there that would have that hate for me. This one says: "Hate me now, hate me later."


I made the ink by burning some hair grease and it made soot and I put it in a cap with soap and water and used a staple to put it in my skin. I put them on my hands so I can always know where I come from and where I'm at.


All my tattoos have deep personal meaning to me. One is my son, my oldest boy, his name: Marcus Fox. The reason that I got this one was that I always needed to know that there was someone out there that would always love me.