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Michael Petry
Full-Time Student & Contract Worker
Former Inmate


I lost everything. Not only in the house fire but when I went to prison the vultures get you. Living in that environment - a thief's going to take a thief's stuff. But you can't lose your memories. I was going around town with a guy and he picked up a pecan - and that was a story:


An old man cut down a pecan tree because he thought it was going to fall on his house. He was old, 92. And then one day he went by and saw a little shoot coming up out of that tree stump. And now it's dropping pecans. Life goes on.


Stuff ain't important, it's nice. I have a lot of stuff, tools, lots of stuff, but it's not important. I came into this life with nothing and I started over again with nothing. Our sufficiency isn't from us it's from God. As long as you're standing like you're supposed to he's going to provide you what you need. It's not a give-away program it's an opportunity.