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What I Keep

Portraits & Statements

Patricia Anne Ragsdill/Martin
Truck Driver, Musician, Beautician, Mother, Grandmother of six,
Fork Lift Driver, Cashier for 30 years, Sign Language Teacher,
State Champ in Tennis for two years
Former Felon and Addict


I'm here to show that God does work miracles; that ex-cons and pit bulls aren't dangerous. Her name is Indy and she represents the female dogs. This is my pride and joy. She comes from a big breed I started raising them in 1975. I went to prison in 2001. I cashed out 5-5-04. I was a drug addict and found God in prison. I was in three of them: Dallas, Gatesville and Marlin.


The beaded necklace represents the Oklahoma. My mother came from Hugo, Oklahoma and she's got Indian in her. My dad is from Bogotá, TX - makes me an OK Texan!