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Lee R. Shine
Shipping and Receiving Worker
Former Inmate


I got a watch, something similar to Patrick because I used to go out picking up cans out of dumpsters and stuff and then one day I looked in there and saw this Miller Highlight watch. It was brand new still in the package and everything. This was in Dallas.


As long as I keep this watch when I look at it I will always remember when I was out there hustlin'. I have did without a watch for a long time and it was on a Sunday morning when I decided to get up and look for some cans and just movin' paper and stuff around on the top of the dumpster I saw a blue watch still in the box, new, and it was like my prayers had been answered. I been had it ever since.


When I came down here I actually came down here with just my clothes that I had on my back and this watch. I had a lot of clothes but they got stolen. I had a beautiful coat that I hadn't worn. I had beautiful stuff.