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Favian Vera
Recovering Addict


This tattoo is what I've got from before I got here. I had a truck and I traded it for drugs and everything I owned was in it.


I got this tattoo when I was 19 in prison. The name on it I didn't get till I was 38. I didn't meet my wife till 20 years after I got the tattoo and it looks just like her. She's French and Portuguese.


It was made with an electric shaver, you take the little motor that's inside the shaver and attach it to a spoon and take a pen apart and attach that to the spoon, and you can make a tattoo with it. It's pretty neat what you can do.


I still love my wife, we're separated and probably won't get back together, there's a long story about that - but this place (Manna House) is like a womb for a new birth, a new life.


I started doing drugs when I was six years old and by the time I was 15 I was a full-fledged addict. I had a lot of older brothers.